Frequently Asked Questions


Questions about shipping? Pickup? How to cook your Very Good meats? We are here to help, if you can't find what you are looking for below our Very Good Customer Service team is happy to help

Notice: Due to high demand and the changes we’ve made to keep our team safe during COVID-19, our order processing time is 1-2 weeks from time of purchase. Once your order has been processed, you’ll receive an email with a tracking and then shipping can take up to an additional week.


Can I pick up my order locally?

At this time we are not able to offer pickup locations.

We're focusing on more options to grab our products from local grocery stores and markets.


Where do you ship?

At this time we are only able to ship to UK shipping addresses. We are working hard to expand our services to Europe and other parts of the world.

When will I get my order?

Due to high demand and the changes we’ve made to keep our team safe, our order processing time is 1-2 weeks from time of purchase. Once your order has been processed, you’ll receive an email with a tracking and then shipping can take up to an additional week.

What if my product arrives unfrozen?

If the package spent over 7 days in transit, then we would not consider the products safe to consume unfortunately. If your package arrived in 7 or less days from the shipping date, and the packages are not showing any sign of ballooning or breaking of the vacuum seals, then it will be safe to eat.

If your package falls into any of these categories or you do not feel comfortable eating it, please email our customer support team at and we would be happy to issue you a refund. If your order has been spoiled, please let us know.


What's the best way to prepare my Very Good products?

We want you to enjoy our plant-based goodies as much as we do. Check out our cooking instructions for the best way to cook your beans. Be rest assured, all of our products are pre-cooked so you can experiment without any worry.

What is Very Good [insert product desired] product made from?

Ingredients and nutritional information for all our products can be found here or at the bottom of each of the product pages.

For more detailed information, send us an email at

Do you have recipes for my Very Good product?

Yes, we are teaming up the industries best recipe creators to create great recipes for you. Looking for dinner inspiration, try our Plant-Based Jambalaya with Smokin' Bangers, or the Asian Glazed Meatballs with Taco Stuff'er.

Also, our Bean Butchers are looking to provide tips and tricks to already favourite recipes and showcase the meals you would find them cookin' up in their kitchens. Look for 19 Recipes to Make With Taco Stuff'er or Smokin' Banger Tacos & Squash Salsa.

How long will my Very Good product last?

Upon delivery, all products can be stored unopened in the freezer for up to a year. The products will not experience a change in taste or texture once defrosted. If you do store frozen, make sure the products are thawed entirely before cooking and consuming. However, we do not recommend multiple thaws and refreezes.

Otherwise, our products are good in the fridge (unopened) for 3-4 weeks. Once opened, they will last up to one week as we do not use any preservatives.


What is a Very Good product made with?

Nutritional information for all our products can be found here or at the bottom of each of the product pages under the heading "The Details."

For more detailed information, send us an email at

Are any of your products gluten free?

At the moment, the only gluten-free product available for sale online is our BBQ Jackfruit.

We are working on creating gluten-free products, and we hope to release them when we can have a certified gluten-free process in the facility. Keep your eyes peeled in the future!

Do your products contain soy?

All products do not contain soy except for our bacon. The bacon is made separately in batches and the equipment is sanitized to the satisfaction of allergy testing swabs before other products are crafted.

The ingredients for all our products as well as any allergen information is listed on each of the product pages.

Are your products organic and/or GMO free?

We are working on getting our Non-GMO and Organic Certifications and hope to have them completed by the end of this year. Currently, 80% of ingredients we use are organic and we are increasing that rapidly.

Are your products kosher certified?

We’re currently working on getting certified and will make an announcement once it’s complete.

Do your products contain corn?

None of our products contain corn. The ingredients our products can also be found under the heading ‘The Details’ on our website's product pages.

What are the natural flavours in the Very Good product?

All of our natural flavourings are from Fontana Flavours. They are GMO-free and approved for use by the Food and Drug Administration. The flavourings are derived from natural and plant-derived ingredients, including potato maltodextrin, salt, yeast extract or mushroom, sunflower oil, and spice extracts. There are no coconut or coconut derivatives.

These natural flavours have not been tested on animals, and they have been reviewed and approved by the Vegetarian Society, who we are working with to acquire our vegan certification. These natural flavours are used to increase the umami qualities of the products, reduce the amount of sodium needed, and avoid the use of soy. We want those who choose to eat plant-based to still enjoy traditional dishes that rely on those flavours for the full experience.

What is the sodium content in your products?

You can find the nutritional information and sodium content for all of our products here.

Our Bean Butchers try to use as little salt as possible while still getting that Very Good taste. While our sodium content is on par with or below that of similar products, we hope to offer products with even lower levels as we grow.

Do your Very Good products contain MSG?

All of our products are entirely MSG-free.

Which of the Very Good products are oil-free?

Many of our products do contain a small amount of organic sunflower oil.

Which of the Very Good products are spicy?

If you like the spice level dialled down, we recommend staying away from any product with the word 'Smokin’ in it. These products contain chillies and other spices to bring the heat.

Additionally, our pepperoni and steak are on the spicier side.

Do the Very Good products have sulphites in them?

Everything is sulphite free, except for the Ribz and BBQ Jackfruit - which will be sulphite-free soon.

Is there any chance of peanut contamination in your production facility?

No. All of our products are free of peanuts and tree nuts. We do not process any tree nuts or peanuts in our facility, so there is no cause for concern with cross-contamination.

If you would like to explore the ingredients and allergen information for specific products, you can find this information on the individual product pages under the heading “The Details.”


How can I carry Very Good products in my store/restaurant?

Fill out our wholesale inquiries form and our Sales Manager will reach out to see if we're a Very Good fit!


Do you have a rewards program?

We will be launching our UK rewards program soon.


How do I write a review?

We only allow customers to write reviews about products they have ordered. An email is sent to a customer about 30 days after their items ship asking them to write a review for one of the products included in their order. If they do so and enter the email they used to create their rewards account; they will receive 400 beans. Customers can write up to 3 reviews for points at this time.


How do I recycle my Very Good packaging?

For the individual plastic packaging on the product, you can clean, peel off the sticker if needed, and put in the soft plastic recycling.

The packaging that keeps your product cold is The Green Cell Foam. It is used to insulate the boxes is the most environmentally sustainable and functional packaging material available. Made from US-grown corn, Green Cell Foam is certified compostable in backyard and industrial facilities and can even be dissolved in a sink for safe and easy disposal. This unique material combines exceptional cushioning and thermal insulating protection, while protecting the planet.

Ways to Recycle The Green Cell Foam

  1. Cut the film on the Green Cell Plus. Cut open the Green Cell Plus (GC+) and pull out the foam panels. Recycle the film. Once the foam and film are separated, you’re able to dispose of GCF as you choose!
  2. Compost. Green Cell Foam is compostable in any residential or commercial compost facility. Their bio-based packaging foam will decompose in 60 days or less when in a moist soil environment.
  3. Dissolve in water. Green Cell Foam dissolves in water— put small pieces in the sink and watch it "melt" safely down the drain; it even decomposes in seawater and freshwater!
  4. Burn. Green Cell Foam burns cleanly and safely in fireplaces, fire-pits and power plants— works great to start your barbecue!

We hope this information is helpful! We are currently exploring more low-impact packaging options for future use.